How to Prevent Sensitive or Dry Eyes When Developing For Long Periods Of Time

Let’s face it, we’re just not designed to stare at a computer screen all day. After a 12 hour coding session I would find that my eyes were incredibly dry and sensitive before I found these two great tools:

  1. f.lux – This handy little program will auto adjust the colors on your screen to make them easier to look at. Out of the box this functionality is turned on at night to prevent you from staring at a bright light after dark. However, you can just turn it on and off as you like and it is easily adjustable. A slider allows you to toggle the strength of the effect so you can adjust to make it comfortable for your eyes in your current lighting.
  2. Gunnar Glasses – I myself have a pair of MLG Phantom Glasses but would recommend looking at any pair of protective eye glasses within your price range this is just one of the many brands that make these glasses. The MLG Phantom Glasses do two things, first they are tinted to help make the screen more tolerable to the eyes, and second they are slightly magnified to help reduce unnecessary straining.

Also drink lots of water!

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