How do you have success with Azure? Carl and Richard talk to Microsoft PFE Christos Matskas about some of the projects he’s been involved in helping organizations deploy apps and services into Azure. As Christos says, it’s not an all-or-nothing thing -…

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I recently wrote about the differences between programming knowledge and skill in a previous post. In short: knowledge is what you understand, and skill is what you can do with it. The internet is chock full of amazing information for just about anything you might want to learn. Things like videos, e-books, and getting started […]

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What does it mean to be good at something? Knowledge is understanding of a subject, skill is your proficiency in the application of that knowledge. By definition, you can’t be skilled at something you don’t understand. But knowledge on its own is only half the battle. Knowledge is what you know, skill is what you […]

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In this episode, AC & CJ get caught up on some news, including updates in Office 365 and new features in Azure.



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A 99.9% SLA means you’re protected from power outages, bad patches, natural disasters, and maybe even a dinosaur attack. Does it protect you from yourself, though? AvePoint Backup for SharePoint Online provides full-fidelity backup and recovery – from individual items to entire sites. AvePoint can run backups up to four times a day to ensure your data is secure. Recover anytime you want without having to pick up the phone and schedule restore windows. Learn why AvePoint is THE Microsoft Cloud expert at

AC’s Voitanos delivers on-demand video-based training for developers on the latest SharePoint extensibility model from Microsoft in Mastering the SharePoint Framework. Check out Voitanos at

CJ’s Hyperfish uses AI and Bot technology to automate the collection of profile information. The secure service supports on-premises, hybrid, and online environments. Checkout Hyperfish at

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